Via Aquitana, region de Canet

Via Aquitana, region de Canet


The Mountain of the North-West wind.
Just to the north of Salleles d'Aude, on the Canal du Midi, is a mountain called St. Cyr.  On the summit are the remains of a Roman Temple to Cercius, the god of the north-west wind.  On 12th May 2012 we went to see this.
La Montagne du vent de nord-ouest
Un peu du nord de Salleles d'Aude, sur le Canal du Midu, on trouve le colline s'apelle St. Cyr.  Sur le sommet restent les vestiges d'un temple Romain, dedié à Cercius, le dieu pour le vent.  Nous sommes allées là le 12 mai 2012.
Devant le temple, j'ai vue quelques creux; peut-etre les batiments aprés le toit a tombé?
In front of the temple were some depressions in the ground.  It seemed to me that other buildings had been there at one time.
  As well as finding the remains of the temple, we saw an aqueduct, or water course, circling the bottom of the hill.  Egalement, au pied du colline, on a vue un aqueduc.

  This was used to re-direct rainwater from the hill to the great Roman site of amphore-making, situated just to the west of Salleles, which is now the museum of Amphoralis, incredibly well done and rewarding to visit.  Further west still, at the place called Les Parentigues, is another aqueduct used for the same purpose.  L'aqueduc était utlisé pour porter l'eau de pluie au zone industriel Romain, un peu de ouest de Salleles, ou on a fait les amphores.  C'est maintenant le musée de Aphoralis, trés bien-fait.  Et plus au ouest, au lieu s'apelle Les Parentigues il y a un autre aqueduc avec le meme but.)
  But today's day was dedicated to the Cers, as the wind is now called, so we continued to Cuxac d'Aude, where the well-known history writer from Perpignan University, André Bonnery, gave us a talk about the winds of the region.   La journée était dedié au Cers; nous avons continué à Cuxac d'Aude, ou l'écrivain André Bonnery, de l'Université de Perpigan, a fait un conférence.
  This was to celebrate the inauguration of a garden on the outskirts of the village, dedicated to the north-west wind.  C'est pour feter l'unaugration d'un jardin, dedié au Cers.

The wind even joined in the festivities, swirling around and making the newly-erected windmill give us a free demonstration!  Il a fait venteux cet apres-midi - le Cers a aimé bien son fete!

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